Art and Media Competition 2023

An opportunity to unlock doors to success and possibilities

The Art and Media Competition is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore their creative potential and showcase their artistic talents. This competition is open to all students of all ages and will feature categories in Photography, Digital Graphic Design, Documentary Film, News Report (Video), Short Film (Video), Interview (Video), Cooking Show (Video), V-Log (Video), Creative Wirting (Poetry and Short Story in any language), Painting, Sketching, and Performing Art.

Entry Fee

We only ask that you complete out the online registration form, transmit the required content through email or WeTransfer, and pay the entrance price of Rs. 300 or donate (via an online payment to our account). Click on the relevant links below for complete information on each category's requirements, rewards, and rules.

Payment Options: 1. Alied Bank Limited (ABL) Account No. 1024-0010054959790028 Account Title: CANPIO
Payment Options: 2.
Upaisa Account. 03212357337

Prizes and Awards

There will be several prizes available for the top entries in each challenge, as well as an overall portfolio reward, a people's choice prize, a lucky draw prize, and a DSLR Camera that you can win by simply submitting a video, image, or piece of artwork.


Students can benefit greatly from art and media competitions since they can nourish and improve their creative abilities. Students may get the chance to present their work in competitions and receive praise for their efforts. They also give students a platform where they can get insightful criticism from experts in the field. Additionally, tournaments can encourage peer collaboration and rivalry, which can develop a climate of healthy competition and ultimately lead to the creation of higher-quality work. The opportunity to network with potential employers during competitions can open up new options for students. In the end, Art and Media competitions give students the chance to learn new things, hone their abilities, and get prizes.


Photography entrants will be required to submit a photograph taken by a camera or smartphone with a theme. The images should be of a high technical quality and demonstrate the student’s ability to capture a moment or emotion. Digital graphic images should show a level of design and technical skill, and should be created from original artwork or manipulated from existing images. Documentary film, cooking show, interviews, V-Logs, and news report video entries should be creative and well researched, and should demonstrate the student’s ability to tell a story through images. Short film video entrants should have a clear story line and demonstrate the student’s creative abilities. Poetry and short story entries should be creative, imaginative, and show evidence of the student’s writing skills.